CEETEP Partner Organizations provide a wealth of resources.  

Some of the key resources used in CEETEP workshops include:

DOGAMI  The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries  http://www.oregongeology.org

Location for Oregon Tsunami Inundation Maps, Relative Earthquake Hazard Maps, Living on Shaky Ground booklet and Oregon Tsunami Clearing House for Evacuation Brochures. 

HMSC  Hatfield Marine Science Center  http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/

Location of HMSC Visitors Center with interactive displays featuring Cascadia Great Earthquakes and Tsunamis 

IRIS  Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology  http://www.iris.edu/

Location for animations and Recent Earthquake Teachable Moments.

RCTWG  Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group www.humboldt.edu/rctwg/

Provides a model to enable communities to work cooperatively and share resources to strengthen earthquake and tsunami resilience.

SCEC  Southern California Earthquake Center www.scec.org/

Location for “The Great Shake Out” earthquake drills, and Quake-Catcher Network (QCN) sensors.

UNAVCO  www.unavco.org/  and Earth Scope www.earthscope.org/

The Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) is the geodetic component of EarthScope, operated by UNAVCO.  http://pbo.unavco.org/

Location for PBO station locations and data.

USGS   U.S. Geological Survey  http://www.usgs.gov/

Location of National Earthquake Information Center


WA DNR  Washington State Department of Natural Resources  http://www.dnr.wa.gov/

Location for Tsunami Hazard Maps, Earthquake Hazard Maps, and Interactive Tsunami Evacuation Maps