The teaching and learning resources here all pertain to the basics of earthquake and tsunami preparedness and hazard mitigation as featured in CEETEP workshops. The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), Red Cross, and State Emergency Management agencies (WA, OR, CA) have even more information and resources on this topic. For PowerPoint presentations and other resources from a specific CEETEP workshop, visit our Workshops page.



Planning and Emergency BackpackEmergency backpack

This three-part activity walks participants through planning an emergency backpack and other steps to prepare for surviving and earthquake and tsunami.

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Earthquake Hazard Inventory and Mitigation PlanningWorking on community planning for disaster mitigation

Learners complete a hazard inventory of their community and identify critical infrastructure most likely to be affected by an earthquake and tsunami.

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Tsunami Vertical Evacuation StructuresModel of a tsunami vertical evacuation structure designed by middle school students

This four-part activity provides learners an opportunity to learn about Tsunami Vertical Evacuation Structures (TVES) and to apply their learning to situating and designing their own TVES.

Activity Instructions

Video: FEMA Tsunami Vertical Evacuation Shelters

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