Earthquake-Tsunami Science & Preparedness Workshops for Coastal Educators

Educators exploring earthquake and tsunami science.Through a grant from the EarthScope Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF), CEETEP offers four-day workshops to foster community engagement of earthquake science and preparedness, and to encourage collaboration and exchange between formal and informal coastal educators.

EarthScope is a multi-decade effort to explore the structure and evolution of the North American continent.  It includes seismic, GPS, and other geophysical instruments to monitor the Cascadia Subduction Zone and advance our understanding of the region's geohazards.  Each workshop will include K-12 teachers, park and museum interpreters, and emergency management educators from coastal areas.  Through a problem-solving approach to subduction zone geology, participants will learn how: 1) geoscientists developed our current understanding of Pacific Northwest plate tectonics, earthquakes, and tsunamis; 2) EarthScope is advancing knowledge about the active Earth in Washington, Oregon, and California; and 3) collaboration on education, interpretation, and preparedness makes coastal communities more resilient to earthquake and tsunami hazards.  Three days of classroom and interpretive activities on Pacific Northwest geology and EarthScope science will be complemented by a field day investigating Cascadia earthquakes and tsunamis, and visits to seismic and GPS installations.

Recent Events

Cascadia Earthquake Education Online Professional Development Course for Teachers
FREE course being offered by the University of Portland for Oregon and Washington teachers. Earn 28 professional development units (clock hourse for WA teachers) while taking a self-paced online course about earthquake and tsunami science of the Pacific Northwest. Videos and lectures are drawn from the highly successful CEETEP in-person workshops.

EarthScope Alaska Native Geoscience Learning Experience (EarthScope ANGLE)
CEETEP has joined a collaboration with Alaska Pacific University and the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) to bring similar workshops to Alaska as were run by CEETEP in the Pacific Northewest. Many of the teaching resources featured in CEETEP have been updated or adapted to the Alaska geologic setting.

Comments from past participants

"Instructors were awesome, very approachable. Materials and resources provided - WOW!  Flow of workshop, building on basics - increased to details."

"The animations were great at solidifying concepts. The "take-home" kits and materials are awesome - thank you! The presenters and teachers were *very* knowledgeable about their fields and were great at explaining and conveying complicated concepts in a way that was understandable. I loved the field trip and seeing these areas of study in the field."

"I feel much more comfortable in my knowledge of geologic processes and disaster preparedness. I have felt inspired and empowered by this experience."

"The field trip sites really gave me a context for the new knowledge I was learning. Excellent!"


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