Participants at Aberdeen 2014 workshop show off their ShakeOut bags which they will use with learners.CEETEP Year 2 Share-a-thon

Lake Quinault School, Amanda Park, WA (map)
Saturday March 7th, 2015

Participants from both the Aberdeen August 2014 and Forks October 2014 workshops come together to showcase and discuss earthquake and tsunami science and preparedness activities they have been involved in since the workshops. 

Participants: Please bring a laptop or tablet to take the final survey.


In order to maximize time discussion time, the program starts with short announcement-style “here’s what we did” presentations followed by time to mingle among the displays and have discussions individually and as a group. Half the teams are “on deck” during the morning and half in the afternoon. The teams are arranged to provide variety, interaction between the two workshop groups, and spread-out the AV needs


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9:00         Coffee and snacks available (will be left out all day)

9:30         Setup time

10:00       Introductory Remarks

10:10       Quick Overview of Team Accomplishments (1st half of teams)

  • Forks Team 3 – all
  • Aberdeen Team 4
    • Mary Easton, Jody Harris, Kerry Marl, Stan Severson, Leslie Stump
    • Maureen Carlisle
  • Aberdeen Team 5
    • Scott McDougall
    • Marina Smith
    • Jon Harwood
    • Stephan Armes
    • Melanie Garrett
  • Forks Team 5
    • Tami Pokorny
    • Michael Kenney
  • Forks Team 1
    • Steven Ray, Raena Parsons
    • Sheri Crippen

10:40       Mingle, Browse, & Discuss 1st half of displays

11:40       Whole-group Discussion

12:00       Lunch (provided)

12:40       Quick Overview of Team Accomplishments (2nd half of teams)

  • Aberdeen Team 1 & 2
    • Rhonda Adams, Kelly Eddy, Rhonda Ham, Mercedes Lampier, Lynette Reimi, Shani Wood, Penny Reither, David Wayman
    • Felicia Maffia, Aleksandr Robbins
  • Forks Team 2
    • Krystal Russell, Mike Schermer
    • Andrew Winck, Polly DeBari
  • Aberdeen Team 3
    • Randy Cole
    • Barbara Good, Sally Holt
    • Diane Burns
  • Forks Team 4
    • John Hunter, Stephanie Miller, Megan Raines, Jamye Wisecup
    • Ian Miller

  1:10       Mingle, Browse, & Discuss 2nd half of displays

  2:10       Whole-group Discussion

  2:30       Survey & Snack

  3:00…     Post-meeting Socializing (for those who can stick around)

Quinault School is located at 6130 U.S. 101, Amanda Park, WA 98526. For the few people staying overnight, the Quinault River Inn is right next-door.

Map to Lake Quinault School, Amanda Park, WA.